When Reliability Counts

Add a Stunning Extension to Your Property in Oxfordshire

When families outgrow their property, they often think that moving home is the only option. However, Dave Beach Building Services 12 offers a more affordable solution. Working throughout Oxfordshire, we construct tailored property extensions that increase the available space in your home. As specialists in groundwork and brickwork, we are able to complete the entire project from start to finish. Alongside extensions, we also deliver an array of quality building services.

Working in Line with Your Budget

At Dave Beach Building Services 12, we understand that every customer has a different budget. That is why we provide two options when it comes to our extension services:

Option One

From planning to completion, our builders use their skills to bring your dream extension to life. This is the full package, with our team carrying out every step of the project, so there’s no need to bring in other contractors. We will obtain all of the necessary planning permission for the project, so you can get on with your life and expect minimal disruption.

Option Two

Tailored for clients with a budget that doesn’t cover the full project, this option involves us completing the groundwork, brickwork, and structural work. This provides the client with the shell of the extension. If the budget does not stretch far enough to then complete the extension, we provide a two-stage solution. The first stage is to build the extension, making sure that it is watertight. Then when the budget is available, we will return to finish off the project, completing the extension’s interior.

Contact us now, in Oxfordshire, to find out more about our groundworks and property extensions.